Happy new year everyone!

We hope you have enjoyed your holidays and your families a lot. After the Christmas break we want to tell you what we have been doing during the first term.

In October, the first and second graders worked on monsters, parts of the body and adjectives through the story “Where is my baby?”.

They created a monster in groups, performed the story in front of the P4 and p5 students, they played several games with cards and they enjoyed singing “The monster song”.

Then, we linked the topic of monsters with the terrifying festivity of Halloween! They worked the story “Winnie the Witch”, a nice story of a witch that tries to solve a problem with her magic powers. They also sang several songs such as “Winnie the witch” or “Knock Knock trick or treat”.

In addition, they also played different scary games, they created Halloween pets, masks and they even dressed up as frightening characters such us witches, mummy’s, Frankensteins or ghosts…

20161027_144739 20161027_144758
When Halloween finished, we started the topic of Clothes using the story “Clothes line”.
They did “The Handkerchief” game but using different clothes! They played board games, they started their own “Seasons book” where they had to dress themselves with the appropriate clothes for autumn, we introduce a maths bar graph that they did counting the different colors of the T-shirts from the class, they sold clothes in a market… To sum up, they enjoyed a lot all the activities and, moreover, they had the chance not just to learn clothes vocabulary, but also review the seasons and weather, the numbers, the parts of the body and the colors.

20161201_165942 buying and selling clothes in the

Here you have a little piece of what we have been doing before Christmas to finish the term.
They sing you a song with lots of love. We hope you enjoy it and we wish you a very happy new year.

See you soon!