Hello, families!

I am going to tell you what the P3 children from L’Agulla have been working this first term.

When we started the school year, we watched this video about four colours (blue, yellow, red and purple).

Every week we have been working a different colour and we always followed the same routine.

First, we sang the song. Then, we had to say things we know that are of this colour. For example: if we were talking about blue, they could say that the sea is blue. After that, we played the game I spy with my little eye. With this game, I told them a colour and they had to find something of this colour around the class. It was very funny to see them running in circles trying to find something to point at. Finally, they had to make a sheet of paper with an activity where they had to choose which things were of the colour it said.

Whith this activity, they also had to say the name of each thing they painted. So, they learnt the colour and the object and they had to say, for example: yellow banana or red apple.

But with every colour, they did other kind of activities, too. With regard to blue and yellow colours, they made an arts & crafts activity. And what do you think they could do using yellow and blue? A MINION! They created a Minion puzzle using ice-cream sticks:

To finish with this four colours, we did a game where I hung some circles around the class and they had to paint them as I was saying them. It was very useful, because I could see if they acquired the vocabulary or not.

In spite of being very young, I have to say that they are learning very much and I am very proud of them.

See you soon,