Hi, there! How are you? I am going to tell you what the P4 and P5 children from L’Agulla have done this term.

They started the school year listening to a story. It was the story of Dear zoo by Rod Campbell. With this book, they learnt the name of different animals: elephant, giraffe, lion, camel, snake, monkey, frog and dog. They also could see how they are using some adjectives, for example: big elephant, tall giraffe… They laughed a lot comparing themselves to see who was the tallest! And this was their result!


After the story, we watched a very funny video about opposite adjectives called Open, shut them by Super Simple Songs. They loved this song and every day we have sung and danced it. I’m not lying… Look:

Then, we worked all opposite adjectives step by step. First, we talked about big and small animals and objects. They could say which animals they thought were bigger or smaller than others. After that, we made a sheet of paper with an activity where they had to paint the bigger or the smaller animals, depending on what it asked.

After the big and small adjectives, we worked the fast and slow ones. For this, we watched a very famous fable made by Disney. I’m sure you all know it!

We also talked about fast and slow animals and objects and we played the Chairs Game dancing around the chairs slowly or fastly, depending on the music we were listening to.

Finally, we watched a video about loud and quiet adjectives. It was Quiet or Loud by Sesame Street.

To finish this topic, they had to draw in a sheet of paper what they thought it was loud or quiet. Here I show you some of the pictures.

I hope you liked the activities we did and see how your children are learning English.

See you soon,