Hellooo families!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

We hope you have enjoyed your holidays and the time with your families a lot.

After a long time without news we want to tell you what we have been doing during the first term in our classes.

In October we worked on personal descriptions, clothes, the space… They have learnt a few funny songs and stories and they have also made some crafts. We enjoyed it a lot!

They made pumpkin and spider pom poms following some instructions. They also played Halloween speaking games, they colored their own faces, they tricked or treated and they cooked delicious bat cookies for Halloween!

We could say that the third and fourth graders are Halloween experts!!!!!

Here you have several pictures of some of the activities we did:

20161027_131903 20161027_13312520161025_193315

After Halloween we engaged in a project about houses and design. We started it using the book  “If I built my house”, by Chris Van Dunsen.

They have learnt house and furniture vocabulary through some card games and, nowadays, they are finishing designing their ideal houses. We cannot wait to see the final outcome!

To finish, here you have a little taste of what we did before Christmas. They have prepared flashcards and pictures to be able to follow the Christmas video song. As you can see, apart from being great singers, they are fantastic artists. They have done a hard work and here you have the fabulous result! Congratulations!

See you!