Hello families!

During the second term, the 3rd graders in l’Arrabassada have been working on a topic they enjoyed a lot: SUPERHEROES!

Yes, superheroes! We learnt the different powers a superhero can have, for example: fly, telepathy, becoming invisible, climb walls, run fast… We did some crafts about famous superheroes and we also watched a film in English about them: the LEGO movie.

To finish the unit, we did two amazing activities and they had a lot of fun.

First, they made their masks and they recorded a video introducing theirselves as real superheroes. Here you have:

Then, using a box with three holes (green, red and blue), a ball and cards with questions about the topic, they played a game in teams in which to score 5, 10 or 15 points they had to score a basket and asnwer correctly. Here you have some pictures:

See you soon super families!

3rd graders and Teachers Melanie and Marina