Hello families!

We are 6th graders and Teacher Melanie and we want to explain you how much we enjoy learning and working on a topic that appears everyday and everywhere: social network and Internet!

First of all, they introduce themselves through a selfie:

Then, they created their own “mail boxes”. Every day, before leaving the classroom, they wrote some “e-mails” for their schoolmates. Then, when they finished writing the “e-mails” they sent them using a postbox and a postman called Teacher Melanie. It delivered the messages in the correct mail box. That way, the following session, all the students could read the messages that their schoolmates wrote for her or for him. Here you have a photo of their “mail boxes” and our postbox:


Guess what! Our class also had a Whatsapp group. Everyday, one of the students started with his or her Whatsapp screen. They asked a question about something that they wanted to know about their schoolmates. In a circle, they had to read the previous questions and answers and add their own in order to create a conversation. Here you have an example:

Another network that surely sounds familiar to you is Instagram. Using a projector, they looked for a scenary they liked and they enjoyed a lot taking pictures with their friends. We printed the photos and they “posted” them on their Instagram profiles, creating the description. Here you have:

To end the unit, they did a survey about the use of Internet. They asked questions like: How often do you use the Internet? What do you use the Internet for? Where do you use the Internet? Etc.

And you families? Do you know all the social network you have around you? If you have any doubt… you know, ask our students!

See you soon families!

6th graders and Teacher Melanie

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