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6th graders in l’Arrabassada: experts in social network and Internet

Hello families! We are 6th graders and Teacher Melanie and we want to explain you how much we enjoy learning and working on a topic that appears everyday and everywhere: social network and Internet! First of all, they introduce themselves through a selfie: Then, they created their own “mail boxes”. Every day, before leaving the […]

6th graders in l’Arrabassada: CHEFS!

Hello families! During the month of February, 6th graders in l’Arrabassada have been very hungry… they have been working on a delicious topic: FOOD! First of all, they learnt the different verbs that the real chefs use in their daily lifes: Then, in pairs, they created four restaurants: they invented a name, a logo, a […]

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Hello families! Now that the first term has finished, we want to explain an activity that 5th graders have been doing during the three months and that they are going to continue on January. A weekend’s notebook! Every Wednesday, one student takes the notebook to his-her house. She or he can explain anything she or […]


Hello families! Do you remember that some posts ago we presented to you our 3rd graders pets? Well, Mr. Fox, Teddy and Snow-wolf also had Christmas holidays! They spent two weeks with the teachers Mónica and Melanie. Teddy went to teacher Mónica’s house. They lived a funny adventure while they decorated the living room with […]

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Hello families! Now that the first term is over, we want to introduce you three special students that have been learning and having fun with our 3rd graders. They are: Snow-wolf, Mr. Fox and Teddy, two wolves and a fox that arrived from far away.                       […]

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4th Graders in l’Arrabassada: Christmas time!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock, Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring… Ups! Hello families, sorry! We are still singing our Christmas song! We are sure you know it so here you have the videos we created, come on, sing with us! 4th grade A (Monday and Wednesday): 4th grade B (Tuesday and […]

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5th graders in l’Arrabassada: Rockin’ around the Christmas tree!

Hello families! 5th graders and Teacher Melanie are so excited today, we want to share with you our amazing work! During the month of December, we have been working on the most magical time of the year: Christmas! We learnt the song “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree” a popular song that has been featured by different […]

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6th graders in l’Arrabassada: All I want for Christmas is you!

Hello families! First of all, 6th graders and Teacher Melanie wish you a Merry Christmas! During the month of December we have been doing different activities related to Christmas. We played different games and we created different ornaments for their Christmas trees made with clay. We hope your Christmas trees look better now!!! Apart from […]

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Halloween 4th grade in l’Arrabassada

Hello families! As you know, last month Lockhart Academy celebrated Halloween in l’Arrabassada. The 4th graders did an experiment that nowadays has become very popular: SLIME! They did two different slimes, one orange and another one green in order to create Halloween characters: a pumpkin and a Frankenstein. The ingredients you need to do slime are: White […]

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Hello families! During the month of November, after celebrating Halloween, the 4th graders worked on a new topic and new vocabulary that they can use everyday: THE CITY!   They talked about their cities, about their favourite places and buildings and how often they visit them. They also did different activities to learn how to ask […]