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THE WEATHER: 5th and 6th grade in l’Arrabassada

Hello families!

As you know, during the month of March, the biggest ones in l’Arrabassada have been working on an important topic for our planet: weather and recycling. To end the unit we did some activities that we want to share with you.

  • SLOGANS: They created colourful advertisements to promote the recycling in our school.



  • WEATHER PREDICTIONS: They had fun recording the weather predictions that some cities will have for the following days. Here you have the videos of the future presenters in l’Arrabassada, don’t forget their names!

We hope you like it as much as we enjoyed doing it.

See you soon,

Teachers Gemma and Melanie.

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We are Chefs!


As you could see in previous posts the students of 1st grade are working in jobs. Some days ago it was the turn of the chef.

We started the profession with the story “Let’s make a cake!”. It is about a usual situation of a mother and her daughter talking about what to eat for breakfast. At the end, they decide to make a cake, they prepare all the necessary ingredients, mix them, put them in the oven, and ENJOY eating it TOGETHER.

After a session working on the story, the super chefs of 1st grade prepared these wonderful cakes:

We also fed our monster with usual and unusual food and played several games related to chefs’ vocabulary.

They had lots of fun being chefs and we are also delightful to see them happy, learning and improving their skills!

Well done chefs, congratulations!

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Hello families!
During the month of March, before working on Easter activities, the 3rd graders have been working on an exciting topic: SUPERHEROES!
They wrote a comic, learned the vocabulary about the skills and powers their favourite superheroes have, did a few crafts…
Here you have some pictures:
– Comics:

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Hello families!

The students of 1st grade have been working on a jobs project. Now it’s time to talk about the Doctor’s job. During these weeks we learned a story: Dr. Monkey, and we represented it.

This is the story of Dr. Monkey:

For the performances, we created the doctor’s suitcase with the most important objects (medicines, stethoscope, injeccions…) to cure the patiens.

As you can see they are using the language and establishing a dialogue. They see an aim of speaking in English and they are also having lots of fun!

Here you have some videos of these amazing doctors:

See you soon,



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Bottle Tornado (5th and 6th graders)

Hi there!

The oldest ones of the school are working on the weather and recycling topic. This week they have done an experiment about a bottled tornado. The experiment was very easy, so if you want, you can do it at home.

Materials needed:

  • Jar of glass or plastic
  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Glitter

They have worked together to create hypothesis and trying to find the correct quantity of the materials to create the tornado. Finally they achieved the goal! After that we remembered the steps that we followed to do the tornado and we drew it on a paper.

Here you can see how much fun they had!

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Sports in l’Arrabassada: 3rd Grade

Hello families!

During the month of February, the groups of 3rd grade have been working on a topic they really liked: SPORTS!

Through different kind of activities, games and worksheets, they have improved their vocabulary and knowledge about one of the important things in our society and life. Here we want to share with you the activities that we did to end the unit:


To put in practise the vocabulary, we prepared a special football match. First of all, they created “football players” using finger puppets. Then, they created two teams. The football match only had one condition: every time they scored a goal, they had to answer correctly a question about sports if they wanted to add the point to their scoreboard: describe a sport in which you don’t need to use a ball, name 2 winter sports, what do you need to play hockey?, what is your favourite sport?…





As they learned a lot about sports and they became champions in all the activities, they created gold medals to end the unit.


Hope you liked it and see you soon!



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Hello families!

The preschoolers have been working on a beautiful topic: colors!

We learned all the colors and we created a book with pictures that at the end it became a pictionary!

We also did a rainbow and we learned a song called “The rainbow song”. Here you can see the little ones singing the song. Read more

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3rd & 4th graders First Term

Hellooo families!!! Happy New Year everyone! We hope you have enjoyed your holidays and the time with your families a lot. After a long time without news we want to tell you what we have been doing during the first term in our classes. In October we worked on personal descriptions, clothes, the space… They have learnt […]

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P5- Mr. Monster Game

Hello families!! We are back from the Christmas holidays and the students of P5 have just discovered a new friend in the class. His name is Mr. Monster. Mr. Monster is a blue monster with yellow dots that is really hungry. He loves eating colors for lunch! Last thursday the students decided to wake him up […]