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This is not a goodbye

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Christmas Cooking in L’Agulla

Hello all,

We hope you have had a wonderful time during Christmas. Before we finish our holidays, we would like to share with you what our students in L’Agulla prepared for Christmas. Previously, we worked on the topic of “Reindeer”. They love Rudolph and their friends.

And then, we did some cooking. The students of 2nd grade prepared Reindeer Sandwiches:

It’s very easy, you just need bread & chocolate, like for example Nutella. Then, we cover the slice of bread with the chocolate and add candies as the nose and the eyes. Finally, with biscuits, we create the ears. Fantastic!

We even had a white reindeer:

The students of 3rd and 4th grade also cooked reindeer sandwiches, but they worked on the recipe a little bit more, writing all the ingredients and preparing the steps.

They are great chefs, and here you have this wonderful idea to surprise your guests!


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Families at L’Agulla

They enjoyed the story very much. They asked me for telling the story again and again every day and, at the end, they knew the dialogue perfectly. So, we decided to make a storytelling. Every one had to learn a part of the story and had to read it to the camera. I think they did […]

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Jobs (Part 1)

We didn’t have enough time to finish all the story, sorry for that!, but I think that in this video you can have an idea about how they have been working during the whole school year.

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Day & night

They were very imaginative! They could see planes, dinosaurs, dolphins… After this story, I told them Night Monkey, Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson. Here I attach you a video about it.

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Jobs (Part 2)

I must say that they created the stories and all the dialogues. They have been working very hard and, which is more important, in English! They have improved a lot during this term.

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From head to toe!

Hello, families!! As I told you in the last blog post, this term we have been talking about the body parts. We started before Easter singing the famous song Head, shoulders, knees and toes by Super Simple Songs. Then, when they came back from their holidays, I told them a funny story: From head to toe by […]