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Hello, families! How do you feel today? Well, if you ask this question to any children of 1st or 2nd of Escola L’Agulla, they will answer it saying: I am happy (or other feeling) because… and then, they will tell you how they feel. And this is what we have been working during this term with the children of 1st and […]

Hello, everybody! Now, I am going to tell you what we have done with the biggest groups of the English classes in L’Agulla. The group of 3rd and 4th and the group of 5th and 6th have worked the space. But I will tell you what they did in two different posts. And this post […]

Hi, there! How are you? I am going to tell you what the P4 and P5 children from L’Agulla have done this term. They started the school year listening to a story. It was the story of Dear zoo by Rod Campbell. With this book, they learnt the name of different animals: elephant, giraffe, lion, camel, […]