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During the last two weeks in Lockhart Academy, our children have done two amazing Works!

I know they like arts and crafts, so we’ve done a lot of English, but using scissors, glue, cardboards, magazines…

With 1st graders, we were working fruits and vegetables, so now they know something about Arcimboldo; a special artist. His paintings are special because there are a lot of fruits and vegetables. At the beginning they had to find out some fruits and vegetables in a picture, this way they learn some of new vocabulary.After that they’ve started doing their own Arcimboldo face with magazines! Mr Cat gets angry sometimes because they want to play all the time, but when he is sleeping, they have to be quiet! Read more

This week is a very important week for me, because I have done my first classes in Lockhart Academy and also my first classes as an English teacher! I have to say that it has been a very especial experience, I have enjoyed all sessions, children have had a lot of fun, and I think they are going to learn a lot!

Both sessions have been amazing, and we have done a lot of funny and active activities. I felt very happy doing the classes.

With 3rd graders; Pablo, Magí and Jaime we worked with the Magic Box. Inside this Magic Box, they drew their favorite animals. Also they learned and talked about things we usually do in summer.  One of their favorite games was “Iris says”, and we played twice during the first session. Another activity they really enjoyed was “The Magic Drawing”. In this activity they had to paint very quickly while they followed the instructions. This game works like a race, and they learned a lot of new vocabulary.

About 1rst graders (Albert, Aina, Jana, Maria, Ian, Rubén, Joan, Teo and Adrià): We worked and had fun with Mr. Cat. He is our pet, and really likes English. To start the class, they helped me find him: “Mr. Cat where are you?”.  We also did a mouse puppet, and then we used it with the gestures-story. One interesting activity is “The Magic Train”. During this activity, they are like a train, one behind the other, and they have to represent the animal the first one of the train says. This way they learn animal vocabulary, playing a funny game.

I’m sure they are going to learn a lot, but me too. The truth is that they are amazing and I’m very happy being their teacher. I have to say thank you to them, to the parents and also to Edward who gives me this especial and important opportunity.

Today I was lucky enough to attend the first class of the year for Lockhart Academy. In fact, it was also the first class for Iris with us!

It was a 2 hour session with the third graders. Only 3 out of 7 started now, but even so, it was a fantastic session full of fun and full of interesting activities.

Now I’m going to try and show you some of the examples of these activities:

In this picture, we can see the students working in their “Magic Box”. They were drawing their favourite animals inside the magic box.

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In this audio you can hear the 7 & 8 year-old children sing this very famous Nursery Rhyme. They sing it in three groups creating a very nice canon.

We hope you like it!