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Hello all,

Do you want to come back from holidays? Will you miss these loooong days with your family, eating a lot, having a lot of fun, dancing and opening presents? Of course you will! But, you know, here in Lockhart Academy we have a lot of fun! Before you come back from holidays, we will play a little game with you. Our teens in the Academy played a Christmas Charades Game before Xmas.. now you need to guess what are the Xmas activities they are doing in each picture before reading the answer. Are you ready?


Mrs. Claus baking cookies

Santa sitting on a beach

Building a snowman

Drinking hot chocolate

Mommy kissing Santa Claus

Santa going down a chimney

Ice skating

Reindeer games

Playing hockey




We hope you had a lot of fun with our pictures! They had a lot of fun while taking them. Enjoy these last days of holidays and see you soon!



Hello everyone!!!

I want to tell you what we are doing with one of the groups in the Academy.

We decided to work through a project this year so… we started to think how we wanted to do it!

First of all  we did a brainstorm, and we thought about things we’d like to know about: films, music, New York, London… but finally we decided to talk about TV series and films.

So before starting we made a glog through the program glogster. A glog is like a poster but virtual, where you can add videos, music, clipart, text and pictures.

They included information about their favorite movies and TV series.


Follow the link to see Gemma’s glog and Asser’s glog.

After that, we planned a little bit what we wanted to know about movies. For example:

  • When did the cinema appear?
  • Who did the first film?
  • How many people do you need to create a film?

Moreover, we decided that our final project would be about creating a short film, but first we need to know how to do it!

So we keep working on it! Keep coming to the blog to see how we’re doing!

See you soon!


Last Friday the classes in Sant Salvador.

We all have done a very good work. I have seen the evolution of all the students. At the beginning most of them had problems to say any word and at the end, they all have been able to make long sentences and, the most important, they have been able to communicate in English.

I am very proud of all of you. I hope I can see you soon.

Happy summer!



The students of Sant Salvador have worked about the inventions. First, they had design a new invention and defend it in front of the class. Then, by pairs, they had to create another new invention reusing some waste material.

They worked hard and the results were awesome. Do you want to see their inventions? Look! Read more

Hello. My name is Xavi and I’m a new teacher in Lockhart Academy. Fist of all I want to apologise for introducing myself a bit late, but I have had some Internet problems.

I have a degree in Pedagogy, and a Master in Educational Guidance. I have studied English since I was a child. I have a very long way to go as a teacher and as a person, but I think that the children can help me to improve, in the same way that I can help them.

One month ago I started teaching English to 4rth, 5th and 6th grade in “Escola La Vitxeta”, in Reus. I am teaching two groups of children full of energy. I hope that we enjoy learning English together with a lot of funny and educational activities. Read more