Hello families!

Today we are going to share what the little ones did during the weeks before winter holidays! As you know, they love Christmas!

We started to introduce some vocabulary with flashcards and played a memory game to acquire the new words. One of the games they loved was the one called: Santa, Santa where are you? It consisted in having some cards with the sentence: Not here, and one card with the picture of a Santa. They sung the song: Santa, Santa where are you? twice, and then they could turn around the card and see if santa was there or if they had to keep playing. If santa was not there, they would have to say: Not here!… The one who found Santa was the winner!

Here you have a photo of some P5 students playing the game: Santa, Santa where are you?


They have also been doing a craft. This time they did a snowman with the letters of their names. It was very easy and they enjoyed it a lot!


Finally, they prepared a surprise for you, during all those weeks they learned a couple of songs. One was I’m a little snowman (P5) and the other one Hello Reindeer (P4). Here you have the videos of all the students singing the song and wishing you a Merry Christmas!


Happy holidays,

Melanie and Gemma.