Hi, families!

I’m going to tell you what the students of P3 have been working during this month of December.

We started with a Peppa Pig video about Christmas and then, they had to make a picture where they had to show what Christmas was for them.

After that, I showed them the song we would sing to you. It was the song “Hello reindeer” by Super Simple Songs. They really liked it and they learned it very fast! They are fantastic!

Then, we started with the arts and crafts. First of all, they dressed up a snowman as they wanted. They learned to say: hat, scarf and gloves. Look at them!


They also created their own reindeer, but they didn’t know it! It was a surprise! One day, I made them paint their hands and put them on a brown cardboard. They didn’t know why, but the last day of class they could see that they became a reindeer! They smiled and had a lot of fun! They liked seeing them as Rudolphs! And another surprise was that they could hang them on their fridge, because they included a magnet!


Finally, the day of the “festival” arrived. They put on a brown shirt and… taraaaan! A red nose and some horns appeared on their heads! Now they were real reindeers!


Here I show you their performance. Don’t you think they are awesome?

When they finished the class, they had the last surprise. They received their folders from the academy and some envelope reindeers with information for their parents (they thought they were letters from Santa Claus…).


I hope you have a very nice time these holidays. See you in January!

Merry Christmas,