These last weeks we’ve been working on companies and entrepreneurship in Lockhart Academy.

At the beginning we started speaking about a very famous and successful businessman: Steve Jobs. We described this image (without saying who the man in the picture was) twice and then we asked the students to rewrite the description in groups:

Taken from -ombreenelcielo

Image of Steve Jobs

Then, we asked the students to tell us what companies are successful in Tarragona and why. These are some that came up:

Then we worked a bit on the good philosophy for entrepreneurship seeing some famous failures of very successful people and learning from things they said, as: “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.”, said by Anita Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop.

We then analysed the process for creating a company (very basic 7 steps) for then preparing an introduction to a possible future company in Tarragona. This company had to be based on a company that already existed and is successful but it is not in the area yet. For doing so, the different groups had to surf the web trying to find these unexploited gems.

Everybody did a wonderful work and they selected very promising companies and products. They negotiated their business plan in their groups and came up with a tiny business project.

It was time to give a step forward. We presented them with this video:


This was an introduction to talk about blogs. We told them what a blog is and the different possibilities blogs give you for setting both your company webpage and your company blog. Of course, the next step was to ask them to create a blog for the company they had “imported”.

One of the groups preparing their blog


The other group designing their blog

The blogs are still work in progress, but you can check them here:

Electric Bikes Tarragona

Damn Heels Tarragona

What do you guys think about this project we had? Any comments?

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