Hi, there! How are you?

I’m going to tell you what the children of P4 and P5 have done this season.

The topic of this term was: Day & Night. We started the classes talking about the sky, which elements they knew and if they knew how to say them in English. It was very, very, very funny, because as you know, one of the characters of Paw Patrol is called Sky, and they were a bit confused, because they thought we were talking about these cartoons.

Well, when they had an idea about the topic, I told them an amusing story. It was Little Cloud by Eric Carle. This is a story of a little cloud that becomes other shapes when it’s alone, but when it goes with the other clouds, it starts to rain. They enjoyed it a lot and, after some days waiting because it was raining a lot in El Catllar, we went to the playground to draw our clouds.

They were very imaginative! They could see planes, dinosaurs, dolphins…

After this story, I told them Night Monkey, Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson. Here I attach you a video about it.

With this story, we introduced some night and day animals. They recognized some of them and, in fact, they said more night animals that don’t appear in this story.

The third story I told them was When the moon smiled by Petr Horacék. They claimed that it was the best story of the three we had in class. In this book, some more night and day animals appeared and they learned new vocabulary. One of the most curious night animals was the moth, the “night butterfly”. They told me that they hadn’t seen any moth before.

Here I show you a butterfly (day animal) and a moth (night animal).

After the three storytellings, we did some activities about animals and when they live, at day or at night. Here there are some pictures of one of the activities.

They had some free time to see and read the story books as they were finishing their activities…

Finally, we learned a rock song: The Sun, Moon & Stars Song by English Through Music Madrid. They were more into rock than I thought, haha. They did a very good work!

I hope you liked our English classes and saw how your children have improved their English. I am very proud of this group and I will miss them a lot.

See you next year,


Group of P4 and P5  from L’Agulla (El Catllar), Teddy and the teacher Monica
PS: In the picture two girls are missing…