Why does a tiger go to a military quarter? Or a pigeon to a supermarket?

The two groups of 4th and 5th graders of La Vitxeta started working with Carnival and we talked about costumes and celebrations, and we also invented very original stories! Each kid wrote a costume, a place and an object, and then we mixed the papers. The groups took a paper with a costume, one with a place and another one with an object and created a story.

The results were very funny! Fox example, a dragon goes to Hawaii to buy pizza, and a pirate goes to Salou and finds a magic rubber! It was crazy!

Chicken, zoo and apple

We had a lot of fun during the show! The best show and the best story got a special prize, but everybody was very good! The children were very creative and we learnt a lot of new words.

Doraemon, Reus and bracelet

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