Oh, spring! That time of the year when we celebrate Easter, when there are a lot of flowers, when sunny days come and… *sneeze* allergies visit us too! In Agulla we love that time of the year!

In L’Agulla school, we did lots of wonderful activities related to spring and Easter.

For example, some of the groups studied insects, very common in spring! Have a look at our P4-P5 group with their colorful butterflies!

The oldest students, from 5th and 6th did a cooking activity. They prepared spring biscuits. They loved the experience a lot!

It’s very easy, you just need flour, sugar and margarine! And if you want to decorate them, you can put chocolate or candies!

Here you have some pictures:

Teacher Mary was in charge of baking them, and this was the wonderful result:

The students from 1st and 2nd did Nature Scavenger Hunts:

And, of course, there were a lot of games and we used a lot of make-up to play and learn!

We hope you enjoyed your Easter break and we are very happy to be back in school again, so we can continue learning and having fun 🙂

Teacher Mary