Hello, everybody!

I’m going to tell you what P5 in Escola l’Arrabassada did this term.

We started with a story about a special elephant: Elmer, by David McKee. This is the story of a patchwork elephant. He wanted to be like the other elephants, so he escaped from his herd and he found how to paint himself to be the same colour as the other elephants: grey. But he could see that the other animals didn’t recognize him and they all were bored, because Elmer was the funniest animal in the jungle. Finally, it started to rain and the drops cleaned him the “painting”. He became Elmer again! All the animals were happy when they saw him!

The children of P5 loved this story. They said that we all are special and it isn’t necessary being as the rest of the people. Everyone has their own qualities and characteristics.

When Elmer became Elmer again, the rest of the elephants decided to celebrate Elmer’s day. Every year, in that day, all the elephants will paint themselves with a lot of colours and Elmer will paint himsef grey. They invented their own Carnival celebration!

So, P5 students, first of all, watched the video How to draw an elephant, by Petr Horácek, the author of some storybooks. They drew their own elephant and they painted them for Elmer’s day. Look at their pictures! They made some beautiful elephants!! 

After that, it was Carnival here, so we wanted to take profit of the Elmer’s story and we created some elephant masks and they decorated them as if they were invited to Elmer’s day party!

When we finished with the story of Elmer, we started with a very similar one: Elephant, by Petr Horácek, the author of the video How to draw an elephant. This is the story of a boy who lives with his grandparents. They never have time to play with him, so he invents an imaginary friend, and it’s an elephant. In this story we can see the power of the imagination. The children explained some stories about imaginary friends and own experiences. While we were working with this tale, we learned a new song that they enjoyed a lot singing and dancing. They always wanted to watch the video and they laughed a lot. It’s very, very, very funny! Watch it!

But with the story of Petr Horácek, we worked a different topic. We were talking about families.

It was very interesting! When we started with the topic, I asked them which kind of families they knew and they surprised me! They were more open-minded that I expected! They explained their own experiences and the experiences of families they knew.

Then, we read another different book, but also related to families. It was Kariboo, by Jessica J. Lockhart. This is the story of a girl who lives in an orphanage and a family adopts her. The girl explains what she feels before and during the adoption. She was at first sad, then happy, thenworried and finally, happy again. We could work some emotions, too.

During this two stories related to families, we sang a rock song. Sing it!

Finally, we read another story. It was When the world is ready for bed, by Gillian Shields. It’s the story of a family of rabbits that explain their routines before they go to sleep. With this tale, the children from P5 learnt some actions we do in the morning and in the night, as brush my teeth, brush my hair, wash my hands, have a shower, have breakfast… They did an activity where they had to speak between them asking questions about their routines. It was very successful! They spoke a lot of English!

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To remember these actions in a funnier way, we listened to this song:

It has been a very productive term. The children have been more active than the first one and they have participated more. They learnt a lot of vocabulary and they are losing their shyness when they have to use their English. I’m very proud of them.

And here a video to keep remembering the recent and HAPPY EASTER!