Hi, families!

The children of 1st and 2nd grade from L’Agulla have known Elmer. Do you know who he is?

He is an elephant, but a special one. Here I attach his story:

As you could see, Elmer is a unique elephant and everybody loves him like this.

The students learned that it doesn’t matter if there are any differences between some children, because we are all special with our own characteristics and abilities.

They loved the story and, of course, the moral of it.

We have been doing some activities related to Elmer. For example, one of them was like the game of Tic-Tac-Toe. In pairs, every one had a paper with an Elmer haf-painted. One of the pair had to dictate to the other the colours he or she had and viceversa. Here I show you some of the pictures I took of them:

Then, I asked them to draw and elephant and some of them were stressed because they thought they couldn’t do it. But, well… the results weren’t so bad…

Even so, after they made their drawing, I showed them this video and they had to follow the instructions to draw an elephant.

Now, I am going to show you their pictures before and after the video. They are brilliant! (I have to say the the pictures before the video are also fantastic!)

We were invited to the Elmer’s Day party, so we all had to prepare our own elephant masks!

We also had to learn the dance of the elephant! It is a very funny song! Sing and dance it!

After the party, they listened to a new story. It was the story of Elephant, by Petr Horácek. And so, we created a very funny craft of an elephant that could move its trunk!

With the story of  Elephant by Petr Horácek, we also introduced the topic of the families, considering that the boy of the story lives only with his grandparents.

We have been doing some activities related to the families and also a new story, but I will tell you about it at the end of this term, because we will continue working with it! 😛

See you soon,