Hi, families! How are you?

The students of 1st and 2nd grades of Primary have been working all this term on families. We started a little bit at the end of the second term, but in this one we have delved more into it.

We started telling the story of Not now, Bernard by David MacKee. We did it before Easter and they loved the story (although I think it’s a very sad story). Apart from telling them the story, we watched the movie.

They enjoyed the story very much. They asked me for telling the story again and again every day and, at the end, they knew the dialogue perfectly. So, we decided to make a storytelling. Every one had to learn a part of the story and had to read it to the camera. I think they did a very good work! Look at them, what do you think?

They did some activities related to the family members: activities where they had to guess the name of every member of a family; activities where they had to know who a person in a family was; and, at the end, they had to complete a family tree following some intructions.

Then, we created our own family tree in a paper. I was drawing mine on the whiteboard and they had to follow my instructions to create theirs. When they finished their family tree draft, I gave them a cardboard for each one. Before that, they had told me their favourite colour.

So, with their draft, their favourite colour cardboard and pictures of all their family members ready, they started working very hard.

The results were awesome!! Look!!

Before finishing the term, we told another story. It was the story of Kariboo, by Jessica J. Lockhart. Kariboo is a girl that lives in an orphanage and explains her experience of being adopted. As in the first term the children of 1st and 2nd learned the feelings, it was easy for them to know how Kariboo felt. During the story, she felt sad, happy, worried and very happy again.

The children surprised me because, in spite not understanding at first why this girl didn’t have parents, they could put themselves in Kariboo’s shoes and they could feel Kariboo’s emotions. They asked me to repeat the story because they loved how Kariboo could be happy forever at the end.

Finally, at the end of the school-year, the students learned a very funny song about families. It’s the Family song by Sesame Street. They were very worried because the song is a bit fast, but I think that they did a very good performance!! What do you think??

They were fantastic!

Well, the school year has finished and I can only say that I’ve enjoyed with this group very much, they have improved their English and they have learned a lot. I hope you have a nice summer and see you next year! I will miss you!

See you soon,


Group of 1st and 2nd grades from L’Agulla (El Catllar), Lem and teacher Monica