Hello Families!

We are going to explain and show you what we have been doing these days with the fourth graders.

When we started the second term they drew in a peculiar way, following the instructions the teacher was giving them. As you can see, they had lots of fun doing this.

After that we finished the topic of the houses and we reviewed all the vocabulary through a Clues game that was like a gymkhana. Here you can see some of the fantastic houses they created, they are GREAT designers!

Now we are working on the topic of the SPACE. We started it through the incredible storybook “How to catch a star” by Oliver Jeffers. Before reading the book, the first thing we asked them was “How would you catch a star?” Here you have their ideas.

Super creative! Congratulations to everyone!!

After that, we told them the story and we discovered how the main character of the story reached the star. Here you have a video telling the story

Later we learnt what the constellations are, where we can see them, how old and how far they are and some more interesting things about these strange points that we find in the sky. They saw these interesting videos that are talking about the sky, the stars and the constellations.

Then they had lots of fun constructing their own horoscope constellation. It was not as easy as it seems. It was a cooperative activity; they had their hands tied so if they wanted to move or ask for something they had to communicate in English with the others.

We also played several games about constellations and they also used the language to give location orders to their classmates in order to create new and original constellations.

These last weeks we had to pause the topic of constellations because we wanted to celebrate Saint Valentines and Carnival.
For Valentine’s Day we cooked heart pizzas, we worked the format of a recipe and the cooking vocabulary (food, tools, verbs…)

Nowadays we are working Carnival vocabulary and dressing up through different original costumes such as flip flops, mermaids or the famous and well known by some of the 4th graders: the Rubik cube. We’ll show you the results soon!

See you!!!