Hello, families! Sorry for the delay! It has been a long time without news from your children.

Well, as you know, this year we have started to work in Escola L’Agulla from El Catllar and I am the teacher there, Monica. I’ve been working in the academy for four years: I taught two years in La Vitxeta (Reus), one year in L’Arrabassada (Tarragona) and in the Academy and this year, in L’Agulla (El Catllar).


I love dancing and having fun with my friends, but my passion is reading. I can spend hours and hours reading without realizing what time it is. I also like the animals. In fact, I have some pets: three dogs, a cat, some fish and a bird.

As I have already introduced myself, now I can tell you what we have been working in L’Agulla, but in this post, I only will talk about Halloween.

The children of P4 and P5 learned some vocabulary and they had a lot of fun. First of all, they watched a video about a Halloween song and they sang and danced very well. They learned the name of the characters and they imitated them as very good professionals. Do you want to watch this video and sing like them? Look!

After this video, they did an activity related to the characters. I hung some pictures around the class and they had to follow my instructions to paint them. For example: “Pepito, take the blue colour and paint the cowboy’s trousers”. So, all the children painted the Halloween characters together.

To finish the Halloween’s topic, they made a very scarying ghost using cardboard plates and white cardboard. It was a fantastic craft. And the day that they could bring their ghosts to home, they were dressing up as film characters! It was very funny!


The students of 1st and 2nd of Primary also enjoyed this festivity.

First of all, they listened to the story of Room on the broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Although some vocabulary was a bit difficult, they understood all the story and had fun with it. When I finished the storytelling, I proposed them to draw a witch, but they all said me that they couldn’t do it. So, I decided to give them some clues so they could do it better and I think that the results were awesome! Here I show you some of the best witches 🙂

Do you think they could do it or not?

Finally, they made an arts and crafts activity. They invented some new spiders using the simmetry: they folded a paper in half and drew a shape with four feet (they didn’t know they were creating a spider!). Then, when they opened the paper, they could see their strange animals and it was very funny. After that, they “built” their houses: a spiderweb. For this, they used paper plates and some wool.


The groups of 3rd and 4th and 5th and 6th did the same activities.

They both were lucky and they had the opportunity to watch one of the most famous Halloween films in English. It was the film Nightmare before Christmas by Tim Burton. They liked the movie and enjoyed singing some of the songs of it.

Thay also told some horror stories (in English, of course!) and they made an arts and crafts activity, too! They created an origami vampire!

I hope you liked this post and I promise I will write sooner.

To close this post, I attach you a Halloween song from the film that they sang all time. See you soon!