Hello, families!

We are going to tell you what the children of 1st grade did during Halloween.

First of all, they listened to a story called Winnie the Witch. This was the story of a witch that had her house black. In fact, everything in her house was black, even her cat, Wilbur. And that was a problem, because when Wilbur was sleeping, she couldn’t see him and she used to sit on him, she tripped over him…  So she decided to change his colour with her magic wand. But the cat didn’t like it so much and that made him feel sad. Finally, the witch thought that the best option would be changing the colour of all her house.

It is a very funny story and they loved how the witch couldn’t see the cat and she fell down all time. Here, we attach you the video of the story to watch it with your children.

Then, the children created their own witch hat. Look how they worked!

Their hats were amazing!

They also did other activities related to Halloween, for example, they completed a questionaire about what costumes they would like to use. They had to make questions and put the answers in a template.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without any Halloween song… The 1st graders learned, a part from the name of different costumes, how to trick or treat thanks to the Halloween song!

We hope you like the activities and you enjoyed Halloween.

See you soon,

Gemma and Monica