Hello, families!

Do you want to know how the children from 2nd worked in Halloween?

Well, they started with a story: Room on the broom, written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. This is a very funny story with a fantastic ending! They all enjoyed it a lot! They also watched the film, but I recommend you to find the new film version.  I think they would like it so much more.

After the story, I asked them to draw a witch… but following some instructions! They had to made it only with geometrical shapes. And I think the results were quite good! Then, they could decorate it as they wanted. Most of them decided to add the elements that appeared in the story.

When they finished their witches, we talked about Halloween animals: bats, wolves, owls, black cats, rats and spiders! They talked about if they were mammals, birds or insects (as the topic we are working this term) and, finally, we decided to make a spider with its spiderweb!

To make the spider, they used symmetry. They folded a small black cardboard and drew only half spider with four legs. Then, they cut it and had their creative spider. Regarding the spiderweb, they used a paper plate and some wool. They laughed so much because they felt as if they were making a jumper.

Look at their crafts!

During all the sessions they were in a Halloween surrounding, with scaring music and videos.

I hope you had a scary Halloween,