(Note: this post should have been published a couple of weeks ago, but we still needed some image rights of some of the students)

Hi there!


This week we have also celebrated Halloween in l’Arrabassada!

The students of the 2nd grade have made different masks: pumpkins, bats and cats!

Foto 30-10-14 13 10 03 Foto 30-10-14 13 15 02


The 3rd grade students have made a witch puppet!

   Foto 30-10-14 14 25 29 Foto 30-10-14 14 43 42


Foto 30-10-14 17 11 08 Foto 30-10-14 17 14 58 

After that, they have learnt new words related to Hallowen through playing a memory game.

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