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It has been a long time without new news… But a new course has started, so we are going to tell you what we are doing in the academy and in the schools; in my case, in Escola l’Arrabassada.

The Pre-Primary students of this school and of the academy have read the story Have you seen my cat? by Eric Carle. With this story, they learnt the name of different kind of felines, because there are more than just the cat, the tiger and the lion… There are also bobcats, pumas, cheetahs, panthers and jaguars. They could see their colors, their sizes and they could compare the pictures of the story with real pictures. It was very strange to guess who each animal was, especially the bobcat, because they had never seen one!

They loved the story and, at the end, they wanted to tell it to their classmates. So, the P5 students of Escola l’Arrabassada made a video for you. We hope you like it.

Keep coming back to check more news!

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