I’m Iris, the new teacher of Lockhart Academy! I’m the teacher of P5/1st and  2nd/3rd groups.

As you know I’m studying in the URV, and this is my last year to finish, so I will be a primary teacher with the English Minor. I like learning and teaching, especially English, but through using new methodologies. I believe that kids learn better if they have fun.


In my classes I want to do different activities where kids are very active. This way, they will learn, but subconsciously. I want to know the kids and start learning and having fun early!



So you can know a little more about me, I have to say, that another thing that I really like is dancing. I am a dance teacher too. In my free time I usually go out with friends or read. I love to go for a walk on the beach also in winter while I’m listening to my favorite music.

I hope my students will learn and have fun with my classes! We will start next week! I suppose they will be ready to learn and have a lot of fun!

See you next week!

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