Hello, my name is Gloria and I’m a new teacher in Lockhart Academy.

Last week I started to work as an English teacher in la Vitxeta, Reus, for P4 and P5. I’m really pleased to have met these wonderful children. This year we have a long and amazing path to walk, full of activities, creativity, participation and, of course, English!

I am a Medicine student in Tarragona, I have a title in Monitoring and I have studied English since I was a child, so I know how important it is to start learning a language at an early age: eventually children will end up talking it without noticing!

This course we will explore different aspects of the daily life so they see, interact and learn while having fun.

If you need to contact me for any questions or doubts don’t think it twice and send me an e-mail: gloria@lockhartacademy.com

Best wishes,


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