Hi everyone!

My name is Ginesta, I’m 22 years old from Reus and this is my second year working as an English teacher in Lockhart Academy.

What I am doing now?

Now I’m finishing a degree in Psychology, working also as a Personal coach and, also, learning a lot!! I’m focused in giving my best to the world, to know me better and to create habits that help me grow…

What does teaching mean to me?

I truly believe that education is a very powerful tool, but, sometimes, we don’t make the most of it. For me, it’s a way towards independence, towards knowledge, towards a mutual enrichment. Education is sharing, it is understanding the global and the personal worlds, it is embracing the differences and creating a team in which we support each other. Education is a way to free people from their own chains.

Being last year my first experience as an English teacher and, especially, working with very young students, I realized how challenging and rewarding it can be. Everyday is different and challenging, and an opportunity to go back to the joy of childhood.

What am I passionate about?

I am passionate about dancing, design, nature, Yoga, traveling, social activism, innovation, sustainability and health.

I am very curious, so I am passionate about everything that allows me to step out of the comfort zone.

Thanks for reading me,

With love,

Ginesta 🙂