Hello everybody!

My name is Ainhoa and I’m from Vilaplana. I started working in Lockhart Academy in October. Nowadays I’m working in La Vitxeta with the students of 4th, 5th and 6th grades, and in Sant Salvador, with three different groups; one with primary school students, and two with teenagers.

If you want to know more about me I can tell you that when I finished the secondary school I studied Nutrition, but later I realized that what I really wanted to do is to study to be a teacher. Now I can say, after some years in the university, that I’m an English teacher!

About my free time and my hobbies, I like to go swimming, reading novels and going to the mountain with my friends. I’ve been in a scout group since 11 years ago and that’s why I love to enjoy the nature and the peace that you can find out of the city.

About my job, as all the teachers in the academy, I try to teach English in a motivating and interesting way. We work with songs, stories and mainly with communicative activities. I like to see how students speak in English in the class and how they feel comfortable doing it. It’s amazing how quickly they learn!

If you want to know what our students do in the classes don’t forget to check the blog!

See you!


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