Horse racing is an equestrian sport that has a long history (source: wikipedia). But in Lockhart Academy, it is an interesting and funny game to refresh the vocabulary and to have a good time.

In this quiz, they are in groups of two and three. Every team has a name and a paper horse.


There are 10 points and the first group to get these points, wins the competition.

Basically, they throw the dice and, depending on the number, they must do an action:

1. Draw: One of them has to draw a word we give him/her and the other/s must guess it.

2. Mime: they must use mimics to guess the word.

3. Taboo: they have to define a word without using certain words we give them. For example, “apple” without saying “red” or “fruit”.

4. Questions: we will post a question about something we have worked in class.

5. Spelling: one of them must spell a word and the other/s must guess it.

6. Choice: they can choose one of the other numbers.

And these are the CHAMPIONS of our game:


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