Hello, families! How do you feel today?

Well, if you ask this question to any children of 1st or 2nd of Escola L’Agulla, they will answer it saying: I am happy (or other feeling) because… and then, they will tell you how they feel.

And this is what we have been working during this term with the children of 1st and 2nd of Primary. We did Emotional Education.

We started the the school year with a storytelling. The story was Chocolate Mousse for greedy goose by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharrat. In this story, some animals explain how they feel during a meal. There appeared animals like a hen, a kangaroo, a sheep, a goose, a mole, a pony, a duck… The first activity they had to do after the storytelling was to put it in order. I gave them some pictures of the different animals and they had to put them in order according to their appearance in the story.

Watch the video I linked in the name of the story and try to do after that.


Could you do it without playing the video again? It is a bit difficult, because there are a lot of animals, but they did it excellent! They worked in pairs and then in small groups to compare their results and they did a very good work together!

The next day of the storytelling, we reviewed the feelings that the animals felt during their meal making face gestures. Then, we listened to this very funny song.

They enjoyed a lot dancing it and every day they wanted to sing it again. Look how they danced!



Since that moment, we have been doing an emotional routine. Every day, when they come to class, we sit down on the floor making a circle and we express how we feel. How do we do it?

We have a pet (the hedgehog Lem) that goes home with the student with the best behaviour. When we are doing the emotional routine, we use it like a “ball”, it is passed from one to another. It gives us permisson to speak. So, when someone has Lem in their hands, the other classmates ask: Pepito, how do you feel today? And he or she has to say: I am… (feeling). And the classmates ask: Why are you… (feeling)? And the child that has the pet has to explain how he or she feels answering: Because… (and why he or she feels like that). Then, when the kid finishes, he or she has to pass the cuddly toy to the next student that is going to speak.

It has been a very interesting activity. They all loved it because they felt they were important to the others, they had their moment of attention and they expressed their emotions speaking, which is very important.

One of the activities we did during this Emotional topic was drawing our faces. Working in pairs, they had a sheet of paper where they had to draw their pair’s face expressing different emotions (happy, sad, angry, shy, surprised, scared). At the beginning they were too shy, but at the end, they all laughed making strange face movements to find the correct gesture!

They also made an arts & craft!

Finally, here I show you the different expressions of the 1st and 2nd children’s faces! Enjoy!

This has been our first term with the group of 1st and 2nd of Primary. I had a lot of fun with them and I think it was very succesful not only in the academic sense, but also in the personal one.

See you soon,