Hello, there!

The children of 1st grade talked about feelings during the first term.

First of all, they listened to a story: Chocolate mousse for greedy goose by Julia Donaldson. While the teacher was telling the story, they were expressing with their faces the different feelings of the animals of the story – happy, sad, hungry, shy, angry, greedy… Then, they did an activity where they had to put in order the animals that appeared on it.

Apart from the story, they could watch a video that they loved. It’s a song about feelings and they enjoyed a lot singing it and, especially, dancing it! This is it!

They also did very different kind of activities related to feelings. Here we attach you some pictures about them. They have worked a lot!

We must say that during all these sessions and the next ones, we have been doing like a friends’ meeting, where everybody could explain how they felt in that moment. For doing that, they sit down in circle and used the class pet as a “microphone”. The person that had the pet was the person that could speak. So, the others had to ask: “How do you feel today?” and he or she answered: “I’m happy/sad/angry because…”. We think this is a very engaging activity because with this, we can get to know them better and we create a very good group environment.

Finally, to close this topic, we wanted to show you their faces expressing different feelings! Look at them! They are very good actors and actresses!

We hope you like the post and we think it would be a good idea continue working this at home.

Be happy 🙂

Gemma and Monica