The 4th graders from L’Agulla have been working about jobs, like their peers in 5th and 6th grade.

We did different activities related to the topic like explaining which jobs are in our family, matching some people with their jobs description and performing a daily routine of a chosen job.

They wanted to create a detectives role-play, so they needed some different characters: detective, victims, doctor and a nurse.

They had to create the story, the decoration and the dialogues. Here you have some pictures about their work.

We didn’t have enough time to finish all the story, sorry for that!, but I think that in this video you can have an idea about how they have been working during the whole school year.

This has been a very short term, but in general I want to say that I’ve seen a very big change in this group. They have improved a lot their language and they finish the school year knowing so much English. I am very happy with them.

See you after summer,


Group of 4th graders and teacher Monica