Hello, families!!

As the group of the 4th graders, the group of 5th and 6th have been working about jobs this term.

They did some activities related to jobs, but the funniest activity was creating three comical sketches about them.

The first sketch is based in a football match and there are: two football players (Joan and Biel), a referee (Pere) and a physiotherapist (Ona).

The other sketch I’m showing you is located in a restaurant. In this restaurant, there are: the client (Ona), the waiter (Biel), the cook (Júlia), the inspector (Pere), and an extra actor (Joan).

And finally, the third sketch is a strange job interview and the characters are: a receptionist (Júlia), an interviewee (Joan) and the interviewer (Biel).

I must say that they created the stories and all the dialogues. They have been working very hard and, which is more important, in English! They have improved a lot during this term.

I’m very happy and very pleased with this group. They have done a very big effort during all the school year. We have had some changes of students, but it hasn’t affected them because they have been motivated all this time. I hope you enjoyed the classes as I did and I hope you will be willing to come back next year.

Good luck for Joan in the high-school!

See you soon,


Group of 5th and 6th graders of L’Agulla (El Catllar) and teacher Monica