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Today is the last day that I can write about the summer courses for children because tomorrow is the last day of class!

This week we have done different activities related to different storybooks.

On Monday, we started with the three little pigs. As they all know the story, they organised themselves to explain it to the teacher. Then, they played the three little pigs board game. It was the first time that they played this game and they liked it so much! After this, the teacher explained them The true story of the three little pigs, and they were amazed of that change of perspective!

On Tuesday, they saw the video of The smartest giant in town, a storybook about a giant who is so kind that he gives all his new clothes to other animals. Then, these animals create a poem for him. And that’s the poem that our students learnt. Each of them had a part of the poem and they had to perform it creating all the material that they needed.

On Wednesday, the teacher explained them the storybook I want my hat back, and after this they created their own personalised hat, writing all the characteristics that it had (like they do in the book).

On Thursday, they worked with The princess who never smiled, a russian story based on a princess who never smiled and nobody could make her laugh. After this, they played a game where they were the princess and the other had to make them laugh. They told the teacher that it was the best activity of the day!

Of course, they have also done more activities working with actions (doing mimics and creating a “comecocos”), describing people (playing the who is who game and doing a running dictation about descriptions) and learning about animals through a quiz. They also played the board game Choose One, and they could know each other a little more. Of course, the cards were adapted to their level.

Here you can see the photos of this week:

Tomorrow they will do a karaoke activity (they are so nervous about it) and some more game/activities.

It’s been a pleasure to share all the activities with you! See you next year!

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