Hellooooooooo hello!!

Here we are again!! Yeaaaah!! A new course started some time ago. Kids are having fun with us, learning new vocabulary, acquiring useful expressions, doing hand-made activities and so on!

But, let me tell you who I am…

I’m Elisabet!! The new teacher in Lockhart Academy! I am an extremely active girl. I never stop doing things: working, preparing activities, studying, watching videos that give me ideas for creating awesome crafts,…

You might be thinking… “oh! What do you like to do in your spare time?”

Wowww…good question!!

I LOVE going to the mountain. It’s the only place in the world that gives me energy and keeps me calm at the same time. It transmits me a feeling that I cannot express with words, but the most adequate one would probably be PEACE.

… If you are from Tarragona or nearby, you may be confused about what mountain I’m referring to because there aren’t many mountains in the area!! 🙁

Unfortunately, I do not go to the mountain very often. Sometimes, my friends and I take the car and move to the Pyrenees to spend a full weekend, and that’s always my BEST weekend of the month!

Now you know little things about me and my daily job. What about you? Dare to comment?

Miss Elisabeth

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