After we saw different places of the city, we learned that there is something special and important too… OUR HOUSE!

With Timmy’s book, we heard a story about a character (Timmy) who is thinking about going to look for his birthday present. He starts a search around the house, so we can see all its parts. He talks to the members of the family, who are in each room, and he asks the whereabouts of his present. He always uses the same question, which will be useful four our learners to work with.


Through Timmy’s house and family, we did two wonderful activities…

Timmy’s House

There was a big house on the whiteboard, and children, who were in groups, had the same house but tinier. They had some cards with the name of the parts of the house and some objects. The group had to talk about the words in the cards and decide in which place they had to put the names.

After that, they discussed about their houses altogether and completed the big one.

IMG_20130409_181357 IMG_20130409_181415



Our family

Each group had two wheels, one with the members of the family and another with clothes and colors. First, they spun the wheel with the members of the family. When they had the member, they drew the face in the place in the sheet where it had been pointed. Then, they spun the second wheel that has many different instructions about how to decorate each character.

IMG_20130409_184210 IMG_20130409_184215



In every home we have some rules and routines to follow. In Lockhart Academy, our children learned them through the “Here we go round the mulberry bush” song, through gestures and through a crossword.

Comb my hair, pack my bags, iron our clothes… LEARN ENGLISH! 🙂

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