Hello families!

Do you remember that some posts ago we presented to you our 3rd graders pets? Well, Mr. Fox, Teddy and Snow-wolf also had Christmas holidays! They spent two weeks with the teachers Mónica and Melanie.

Teddy went to teacher Mónica’s house. They lived a funny adventure while they decorated the living room with the Christmas tree, do you want to know what happened? Here you have:

Yes! Teddy saved the Christmas tree! And… guess what! Teacher Mónica and Teddy went on an excursion to the forest for the purpose of finding a Christmas tree for Teddy. He was so happy!

On the other hand, Mr. Fox and Snowwolf went to Teacher Melanie’s house. They were so happy too. They opened a lot of presents together, they ate a lot of chocolate, they sang Christmas carols but… one day, they woke up so sad, do you want to know why?

Teacher Melanie decided to take them to visit Santa in order to made them smile.

But, don’t worry students! Mr, Fox, Snowwolf and Teddy are anxious to see you again! We hope you had a good time with your families.

Bye bye!


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