Hello, families and friends!

This term, the children of P4 have listened to two stories: The very hungry caterpillar and Today is Monday, both by Eric Carle.

The first story is about a very hungry caterpillar that eats all it can: one apple, two pears, three plums… but it is still hungry. When it is full of food, it builds a cocoon and goes inside. Some days later, it becomes a very beautiful butterfly!

With this story, the children could discover the process of the metamorphosis and they learnt the name of some fruits and they heard the days of the week.

The children of P4 showed their art habilities making a caterpillar using only their hands! Look!

When we started with this story, I only told it until the caterpillar went “to sleep” to its cocoon. So, they created a caterpillar with a toilet paper roll. They painted them and they put them their eyes and antennae. When they finished the activities of the caterpillar, I told them the end of the story and when they saw that the caterpillar became a butterfly, they added the wings to their paper roll caterpillar. Take a look!

They also created a butterfly with clothespins… and the wings were full of sweets and confetti!!

With the second story, we took a close look at the days of the week. First, we started with a funny song. Look at the video!

We made some activities related to the story, for example, making a connexion between the day of the week, the food that appears in the story and the animal. If you don’t understand what I mean, listen to this song! They love it and they know it very well! In fact, when I say a day, they are able to tell me the animal and the food or when I make a gesture, they can say the day of the week. I’m very proud of them!

I hope you liked the activities we did and you enjoy with the stories we told.