Merry Christmas everybody and happy new year!!

In Arrabassada, all the children prepared something to show you. The Pre-primary students sang a song, as 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders. The biggest ones preferred to record a video talking about Christmas (4th and 5th graders) and explaining some Christmas news (6th).

P4 students created a reindeer crown. They had to cut some dark brown horns ans stick them in a light brown cardboard. Then, they chose the colour of the nose they wanted and they added them with some moving eyes in the crown. Look!

20151216_141522 20151216_165554

They sang the Hello, reindeer song. Watch these videos!

P4 (13:25-14:45)         

P4 (16:30-17:30)


In P5 classes, they created maracas to shake it while they sang the song. They painted them with the colours of Christmas (green and red) and they could use them however they wanted. Then, we put some rice inside.

They wanted to sing the song S-A-N-T-A. Here you are their shows!

P5 (12:30-13:30)

P5 (13:45-14:45)

P5 (16:30-17:30)

We hope you like them!! 🙂

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