My last session with third graders was very interesting and nice.



I used storytelling as a method to teach English!! Mainly, I’ve chosen it because we can find these reasons: Read more

Hello everyone!

Last week we celebrated Carnival in Lockhart Academy; in my point of view, one of the best sessions we’ve done! 😀

The first graders played a game-board that consisted on different types of activities: pictionary, make up, mimic and a quiz. Also, they were dressed up with different complements: the big ears from an elephant, funny glasses, the red nose of a clown or the skirt and pom-pons from a cheerleader…

As you can see, students enjoyed as much as the teachers 😉


IMG_20130216_124723 IMG-20130207-WA0001IMG_20130216_124846

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Last Thursday we had a very special class with our adult B2 students in Lockhart Academy. After a couple of sessions talking about directions and places in the city, we went on to create our own model of the city (run the mouse over the picture to see a short caption or click on them if you want to see them bigger):

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The last session with third graders was absolutely fantastic!!

Through funny and great activities, they LEARNED, USED and PRODUCED a lot of English language. The most interesting activities were…


In this activity, we had two shop assistants and customers and they had to buy and sell with shopping lists different food all in English 🙂



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Hello everybody! 🙂

I would like to introduce myself in this blog as a new teacher of the academy.

My name is Silvia Coronado and I’m studying to be an English teacher in primary education. I love reading, travelling and children.

What I want to do is that children learn lots of English and get to know a lot of things while having a good time and looking at this language as a good way to communicate and develop their capabilities.

It would be perfect if they participate, ask questions and are active in the class because they can learn faster and better.

In this first session, we will travel to London with our new friends: Mike and Victoria.


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This week has been very special! 3rd Graders have had the last class with me, and the 1st  Graders have finished the SOLAR SYSTEM !

THE GIRL WHO HATED BOOKS is a very nice story, where a cat and a girl have to help some characters!  To explain the story, we’ve used a BIG BOOK (made by Roser Vendrell, Noemí Herrero and me) with some surprises inside.

IMG_20130129_214721All of the students have been happy and excited with the session, because they had to help the characters of the story. Read more

Hello ladies and boys!

The first graders have done fantastic activities related with the SPACE!


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Hello boys and ladies!

This week, the 1st. grader students have taken the traveling suitcase to their house.

The story of one group is the fantastic The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and of the other group is Aaaarrghh! Spider! They have to read it with their parents, do some activities and, the most  important thing: ENJOY READING! 

IMG-20130117-WA0001       2013-01-16 19.05.00

Also, we’ve introduced the fantastic world of the planets with the story How to catch a star! Read more

Yesterday we did a very interesting activity (taken from Images by Alan Maley) with the B2 adult group. We gave them an image and they had to study it thoroughly trying to remember as many details as possible. The image we gave them was this one by @sandymillin via #eltpics:

Blind runners with guides during the Paralympics 2012 marathon

For doing so (for checking all the details), we allowed the students to explore the images using technology (rather than printing the image, which would not be to environmentally friendly…). As we had 5 students in the group, we let some of them look at the image with an iPad and the others with a MacBook. Here you can see them working:

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This week has been very special. We have started the New Year in Lockhart Academy with a lot of new ideas!Children were very excited to start having fun with English, so GOOD NEWS for us!




1rst Graders. During this week we’ve done a review of all the things we’ve worked throw games and amazing stories like (THE MIXED- UP CAMALEON).

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