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It’s been a month since we posted the first post on Places in the city. Today we’re sharing a post with a video we shot the same week but we didn’t have time to edit and upload.

We want to thank the students in the A2 group for their patience and we hope it was worth it.

Feel free to share this post to anyone you know and keep coming for more news and examples of nice and interesting activities for learning English in Tarragona!


Good afternoon boys and girls!

After having been working the jobs and the places where they work and the directions, first and third graders have done a BIG and EXPERIENTIAL activity that summarizes all the contents: a CITY!

They were distributed in pairs and one in each couple had a character. They had to give instructions each other (go ahead 3 steps, turn right/left, stop) to arrive to the correct place. When they arrived, they checked the character with the place he/she works and also they have to say the names out loud.

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In the last session with third graders, all of them spoke in English all the time.

We did activities like…


I gave them different characters and they had to describe them. There were boys and girls with blond and brown hair, blue and green eyes…


Who is who:

This is the game all of us know, they had to ask questions to each other to find the character the other one had.




With these exercises, they used English to communicate and they learned new vocabulary. This way, they are acquiring knowledge and they were improving their speaking skills.

Some weeks ago, in facebook we came across a very interesting webpage where they used the “Rory’s Story Cubes” to create interesting short stories. This page directed us to a blog where they regularly publish stories created from the results of the dice. Read more

Hello everybody!

Do you know how 1rst graders are working jobs and occupations?

During the first session, children started to work with the new vocabulary doing games and TPR activities. They were able to match some objects with jobs. They realized that some jobs have the same objects. To make them easier, we used some Venn diagrams.

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My last session with third graders was very interesting and nice.



I used storytelling as a method to teach English!! Mainly, I’ve chosen it because we can find these reasons: Read more

Hello everyone!

Last week we celebrated Carnival in Lockhart Academy; in my point of view, one of the best sessions we’ve done! 😀

The first graders played a game-board that consisted on different types of activities: pictionary, make up, mimic and a quiz. Also, they were dressed up with different complements: the big ears from an elephant, funny glasses, the red nose of a clown or the skirt and pom-pons from a cheerleader…

As you can see, students enjoyed as much as the teachers 😉


IMG_20130216_124723 IMG-20130207-WA0001IMG_20130216_124846

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Last Thursday we had a very special class with our adult B2 students in Lockhart Academy. After a couple of sessions talking about directions and places in the city, we went on to create our own model of the city (run the mouse over the picture to see a short caption or click on them if you want to see them bigger):

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The last session with third graders was absolutely fantastic!!

Through funny and great activities, they LEARNED, USED and PRODUCED a lot of English language. The most interesting activities were…


In this activity, we had two shop assistants and customers and they had to buy and sell with shopping lists different food all in English 🙂



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