Christmas time also arrived in La Vitxeta! To celebrate it, the pre-primary students worked on some projects that involve the use of Christmas vocabulary.

First of all, they listened to the story of The Gingerbread Man, a fairy tale about a gingerbread man escaping from several pursuers to finally be caught by a daring fox. They also had some time to design their own gingerbread man.

Next, they watched the popular Christmas cartoon Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. As they really enjoyed that activity and got really caught by the Rudolph’s catchy song, we moved next to create a proper costume to perform the song later. That involved a craft time where they made their own reindeer’s antlers up, plus a face-painting activity to get their nose as red as Rudolph’s.

We hope this post finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying a cozy holiday season!

P3, P4, and P5 students + Sofia.

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