Hi everyone!

Today we have finished the food lesson with the academy students. I thought the best way to finish this lesson would be preparing a recipe, wouldn’t it? Thus, they have learnt how to make a banana smoothie!

First of all, they have talked about the parts of a recipe: ingredients, equipment and method. Secondly, they have learnt some cooking verbs: to fry, to boil, to slice, to mix, to pour etc. Then, they have decided which ingredients they would need for the banana smoothie recipe and which steps they would have to follow.

Finally, they have prepared it! If you want to know how to make a banana smoothie take a look to the video!

Foto 1-12-14 19 07 51 (1)Foto 1-12-14 19 08 05

Oh! And we offered the other academy students to try the banana smoothie! They said it was delicious! Good work: Alba, Gemma and Asser! 🙂

Foto 1-12-14 20 32 06

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