Hello, families!

Do you want to see what your children of 1st grade did for Christmas?

Well… everything they did was related to Rudolph, because I don’t know if you know it, it is a very important character in Santa Claus’ work! It is the best reindeer of his sleight!

To now his story, we watched parts of a film about him.

They couldn’t finish it and some groups did not have enough time to watch it, so I recommend you to watch it at home with them. In English, of course!

They played some Christmas games and made a fantastic Rudolph craft! It is a photo frame! Look how they worked on it!

We put a picture of all the group on it and it looked gorgeous! A great Christmas craft to put in our Christmas tree and remember these fantastic groups!

So, apart from watching the film and making a photo frame based on Rudolph, they also learned its famous song: Rudolph the red-nose reindeer. They are very good singers!

We are very proud of their work!

Finally, we gave them their folders and their assessment that, as you can see, they are also Rudolphs!

The teachers Gemma and Monica want to wish you merry Christmas!

See you soon,

Gemma and Monica