Good afternoon!

I would like to show you some images where you can see the summer course students working, learning English and having fun.

Here, they were working in pairs. They had 4 images with different food and they had to write a description of the images (of course, it was super secret!). Then, they read the descriptions and the other teams had to guess the name of that food. They liked it, and they learnt some important vocabulary related to descriptions!


Here, they wrote 5 of their favorite dishes in one silhouette and 5 other dishes in another silhouette.

The game was based on guessing which silhouette was the correct one, and sometimes it was very difficult!

We discovered that some of them don’t like chocolate and sweets, and that most of them love pizza!


Here they created “their other half”. They were given half of their photo and all of them had to draw the other half. It was really funny because each person had each image just for a minute, and they created some good pictures!

We have done more activities like preparing a roleplay, creating a story using 9 concrete words, they have created a memory game to learn the vocabulary for a board game and, of course, they’ve played Eurotrip, a board game that they enjoyed.

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We will continue working with descriptions and we will try to take more photos to show you their fantastic results!



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