Hello, there!

The children from 4th grade have been working about books and stories. First of all, I asked them if they liked books. Some of them answered yes and some of them that depending on the book. But what I really asked them was if they liked EATING books. They were amazed and started to laugh thinking that I was crazy. So, I told them one of my favourite storybooks: The incredible book eating boy by Oliver Jeffers. This is the story of a boy who loved eating books and the more he ate, the smarter he got. But, one day, he mixed all the information he had eaten and started to forget even the simplest things. So, he decided to stop eating books. But, at the end, he read a book instead of eating it and he descovered that he also could be very smart by just reading them.

I attach here an interesting and funny video about Oliver Jeffers, the author, introducing and drawing the story in a TV programme.

So, we began an activity where they had to create a story from some questions I gave them. For example: name of a woman, name of a man, city, country, mean of transport… Then, they read aloud their stories and it was so funny because they had written very crazy stories!

Then, I told them that they had to start a new story from the beginning. They were in panic! Haha! But, they didn’t know that I had something special for them!

Every one had to invent a story about a particular topic. How could we choose these topics? Very easy! We used the magic story cubes!

 They all had to roll one die. The pictures that appeared were: a wand, masks, a turtle, an question mark (and they decided to create a story about a robbery in a bank) and, finally, a sheep. So, since then, they began to invent their own stories.

Once they had finished their stories, they made an origami book following my instructions. With that, they could start writing their first book.

Finally, they made a storytelling of their own books to show you how good artists they are. Look at them and enjoy! Don’t you think they are fantastic?

To finish with this topic, we have been playing a very funny board game: Dixit!

I am very proud of the participation of the children in this topic. They have been learning and improving their language a lot and there is a big change on them.

See you soon,