Hello! We are Júlia, Arnau, Asser, Gemma and Maria, the teacher. Yesterday, we started the summercourse and we want to show you some different activities that we have done.

First of all, we started talking about ourselves and then talking about robots and technology. We created a robot with toilet paper rolls. We built them and we painted all the structure. It was really funny!


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After the robots activity we saw an american’s got talent video and we commented each talented person. They were amazing! Of course, we decided to do our own talent show and that’s what we did this morning after having prepared it beforehand at home. Gemma sang a song, Júlia danced, Asser whistled and Arnau played with the spinning top.

Now, we’ve just seen an ukraine’s got talent video. There was a woman creating different landscapes with sand! And that’s what we are doing now, we are creating a landscape with many material from the academy. Of course, all the communication is in English!

Here you can see the result:




See you soon!




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