Posiblemente la mejor academia de inglés de Tarragona.

Clases activas y llenas de dinamismo dode aprenderás a comunicar en inglés a la vez que disfrutas de la clase.

Porque aprender inglés también puede ser divertido y ameno.


These past weeks in La Vitxeta, the children from P4 and P5 have been working the animals: how they move, what they do and where they live.

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Arriba Nadal i volem tornar a fer una iniciativa que ens va agradar molt l’any passat:

Lockhart Academy som conscients què hi ha molta gent passant uns moments difícils. Sabem que són molts els que voldrien continuar formant-se però la situació económica actual no els hi permet. Coneixem famílies que voldríen que els seus fills i filles anessin a classes d’anglès per poder tenir un futur millor però malauradament no s’ho poden permetre.

Volem aprofitar aquestes dates per donar un petit cop de mà a tota aquesta gent. Volem oferir 6 beques fins a final de curs per a gent que estigui a l’atur i vulgui aprendre anglès de la millor manera possible.

Qui pot participar en aquest sorteig? Qualsevol persona que estigui a l’atur i que no sigui alumne/a de Lockhart Academy en aquest moment.

Com es repartiran les 6 beques?

Repartirem una beca per cada grup que tenim a l’acadèmia:

– Una beca per a un nen/a de tercer o quart de primària els dilluns i dimecres de 18 a 19:30 hores

– Una beca per a un nen/a de cinqué o sisé de primària els dilluns i dimecres de 18 a 19:30 hores

– Una beca per a un adult de nivell inicial (A2 — 2n de la EOI) els dimarts i dijous de 18 a 19:30 hores

– Una beca per a un adult de nivell intermig (B1 — 3r de la EOI) els dimarts i dijous de 20 a 21:30 hores

– Una beca per a un adult de nivell intermig-alt (B2- — 5é de la EOI) els dijous de 08:00 a 11 hores

– Una beca per a un adult de nivell alt (B2+ ó C1- — 5è de la EOI) els dimecres de 18 a 21 hores

Com es pot participar al sorteig? Hi ha dues opcions:



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Hello, my name is Gloria and I’m a new teacher in Lockhart Academy.

Last week I started to work as an English teacher in la Vitxeta, Reus, for P4 and P5. I’m really pleased to have met these wonderful children. This year we have a long and amazing path to walk, full of activities, creativity, participation and, of course, English! Read more


In the academy, we have been working on food! We started some weeks ago talking about food, healthy and unhealthy food, the diet pyramid… Now, since last week our students have learnt how to act in a restaurant. They have learnt it by roleplaying. Alba was the waitress and Gemma and Asser the custumers.

They were very happy with the idea of being recorded and they have enjoyed a lot during the activity.

I am very glad with the result 🙂

I hope you like the video.

Oh, and do not miss the outtakes!

No perdeu la oportunitat de reservar la vostra plaça a la millor acadèmia d’anglès de Tarragona.

Ja está obert el període de matrícula. Per fer-la efectiva, ompliu el següent formulari i rebreu un email amb les instruccions per fer el pagament.

Recordeu que ens heu de dir l’horari en que podeu anar i donar-nos tanta informació com us sigui possible!

Ah, i recordeu també que ja no estem a Vía de l’Imperi, però continuem al centre de Tarragona! Ens hem mudat al Carrer Sant Francesc 16, oficina 34!

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 17.19.49

All good things come to an end, and the end of the course isn’t an exception. We have finished in La Vitxeta!

We have been working with students from pre-primary to 6th grade and it’s been amazing. It has been an intense course, with ups and downs and some changes but we could make it and here we are.

We have tried to make the students learn being active participants and having fun. They have been different characters of stories, cooks, artists, actors, painters…

We want to say a big thank you to our students, but also to their parents and to the school for trusting in us. Without all their collaboration some things wouldn’t have been possible.

Finally, we want to say that we are going to miss you and we hope you have a great summer, it’s time to relax!


Blanca, Nilda and Laura.


In la Vitxeta, the students of Pre-Primary, have become cooks!

At the end of the topic of the food we  baked some cookies with Lacasitos. Read more

In La Vitxeta, we got into the Easter vibe!

What a better way to get into it than having a cute Easter bunny at home? That’s why the students from 3rd to 6th prepared one to bring it home and have it in their bedroom or living room.

And do you want to know how they did it? Easy-peasy!

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Tarragona cuenta, a partir de hoy, con un centro para preparar exámenes de Cambridge que utiliza metodologías activas y comunicativas.

Tarragona cuenta, a partir de hoy, con un centro para preparar exámenes de Cambridge que utiliza metodologías activas y comunicativas.

Hoy empezamos el día con una novedad importante: Lockhart Academy se acaba de convertir en centro preparador para exámenes de Cambridge.

Hace unos días compartíamos una información sobre los requisitos de un nivel C1 (Advanced) para el profesorado de inglés de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Las universidades, también requieren que sus alumnos y alumnas de grado certifiquen, como mínimo, un B2 (FCE) para poder tener el título. Estas dos razones nos han convencido para convertirnos en centro preparador oficial para los exámenes de Cambridge.

¿Qué va a suponer esto para nuestro alumnado? Sólo ventajas. Únicamente se presentaran a los exámenes, aquellos alumnos o alumnas que así lo deseen. Nuestra metodología va a seguir siendo la misma. Sabemos que funciona y sabemos que podemos conseguir muy buenos resultados con ella. Nuestras clases de inglés seguirán siendo activas, comunicativas, divertidas y útiles.

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Hello students and families,

today we wanted to update the blog by explaining some activities we have done related to science.

During the first term we worked on the topic of volcanoes with the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in Lockhart Academy.

First, we introduced this scientific project by doing a hangman. After knowing that they were going to discover more things about the volcanoes, they shared the facts that they already knew about them. They explained them orally and wrote some of the ideas of their previous knowledge on the whiteboard.

As we can see on the following picture they wrote “Santa Margarita volcano”, because two of the students had visited this curious volcano with a church in the middle, in La Garrotxa. Another aspect that they commented and wrote was that most of the volcanoes are found in islands and that, when they erupt, the islands, the wildlife, all the animals and all the trees disappear.

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